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About Me

What’s stopping you going to the gym?


After a working life that saw me spend much of my time in a stressful office environment, I decided to put my own health and wellbeing first.


 After seeing how it changed my life and outlook, I wanted to do the same for others.


I help people improve their fitness and change their lifestyle at the same time because improving wellbeing is more than building muscle or losing weight.


I work with clients to design a lifestyle and exercise plan that is realistic and suits them.


Gyms can be intimidating places which put people off because they aren’t body builders or building up to run a marathon.


These are the people I want to help. As in the film Dodgeball, I want to work with the Average Joe.


I want to break down barriers and create a space where people of any age, ability, gender or sexuality can feel comfortable and enjoy exercise.


There is no judgement – just support for what you want to achieve.



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